Monday, 12 September 2011


thai movies has given me not once, not twice but lots of surprises!!!! i can watch this over, over and over again!!!!! the leading actress is nothing like what she was in this film. she is one hot sexy chick, and i think she does look abit like Gaile Lok. what drew my attention to this was her!!! it was her!!!! Sirin Horwang!!!!!!! check this out friends...if anyone of you havent watched this yet. 5 outta 5!!!! HONESTLY!!!!!!

Sunday, 5 June 2011

i sew for her

its really rare that small details are found on dresses i made for my dolls.

by every moment i finish's relief!!!!!

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Fash'onably late with SQ

i like her. not very much. but i do think she's pretty, and she has got that body i would kill for.

what impressed me the most was that she has been working really hard to broke away from her X rated past.

the courage, i guess, is what most impressed me!

Saturday, 26 March 2011

the new partnership

im typing on my lappy for the first time in a week...i have started to get involved with the interior industry again...2 years of gap in shouldnt be a problem, i guess. it shouldnt be!! design is always fun. its about gathering all ideas and create some new ones. its not just about drawing and sketching...its about solution. AND communication. with people. and people are always the hardest to work with. i am currently working for a someone who's totally beyond my expectation. i will do my best to compromise... NO! its called get along.

anyway...i think its absolutely a brilliant idea that fashion label to work with fashion bloggers!!

Chiara has the most inspiring outfits,
while Andy will always be my favourite.

Friday, 10 December 2010


我這個馬來妹(馬來西亞來的妹妹。。。哇哈哈)在這地方過了一個春,兩個夏,秋,冬,心理生理也變了不少。先別說心理,看看我生理就知道,胖得可多了!!!這裡什麼我都喜歡,除了牛奶,milk brioche roll 我也可以連續吃上兩星期。生活習慣也變了。以前我愛喝茶不喝咖啡,kopi 烏除外,現在的我愛上黑咖啡,每天一定要一杯。還有,我都不下廚的,可是現在我開始喜歡烹調,不過還是烘烤和西餐比較適合我,因為本人不太有耐心研究那些,‘一小撮’,‘一小茶匙’,什麼醬油,鹽,雞湯的。

但是。。。今天我要說。。。我煎了我人生第一份牛扒!!哈哈。。。是七分熟哦。慧雯,看來妳加拿大也學了不少烹調的功夫。。。我也不遜色!! 咔咔咔!!



asparagus crepe with mushroom sauce,我只能說如果每一樣分開吃的話都不錯

最後,來個raspberry trifle 當甜點!
(spray cream + custard powder + raspberry jam)
-----3 courses meal-----

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Saturday, 27 November 2010